(We know this looks rough right now), but you may “join now” or “donate” using the PayPal buttons to the right, or send the following information in to us with dues to:

PFLAG Lincoln
P.O. Box 82034
Lincoln, NE 68501

As a member of the Lincoln (aka Cornhusker) Chapter you are automatically a member of the National Federation of Parents, Families and Friends and Allies United with LGBT People. The National Federation will receive $15 of your dues and will send you the quarterly newsletter, PFLAGpole unless you request otherwise below.

PFLAG (local and national) does not sell, trade or rent our mailing lists to any other organization or company. Membership is kept strictly confidential.  Please return the portion below with your dues and/or donation:


Date:  ____________ Name: ________________________________________________

Address: _________________________ City: _____________ State: _____ Zip _______

E-mail: ____________________________________ Phone (optional) _____________

□ New member     □ Renewal

□ Parent    □ Family Member    □ Friend   □ Straight Spouse    □ LGB    □ Transgender      □ Queer

□ Another identity _______________________________________

Membership Dues:  □ Individual $35          □ Household $40          □ Student/Low Income $20

□ Supporting Member $100

□ Please do not send PFLAGpole (periodical PFLAG National newsletter)

Total Dues: $_________

I would also like to make a donation (optional):

General Donation $__________ (funds various community efforts and defrays cost of educational pamphlets)

Chapter Endowment $_________ (Mark check for “endowment.” This defrays our operating expenses)

P. Tetreault/PFLAG Lincoln Emergency Fund (for UNL students) $ ____________ (Mark check for “emergency fund.”)

Total $____________