Message from President September-October 2015

The close of another year is upon us which includes the annual vote for chapter board officers. The vote was called at our August general meeting. Rosemary Woodman was re-elected as Vice President, Linda Cady was re-elected as Secretary, and I will continue as Treasurer until bringing another willing soul “up to speed.” I know I told some people that I intended to move west and was stepping down also, but it seems I will be visiting Colorado rather than moving there in the foreseeable future, so I accepted the President’s seat because the function that PFLAG serves is indispensible. I look forward to facilitating/supporting the chapter’s mission.


We are very glad the following folks will continue to be active Board members: Karla Cooper (Spectrum Editor), Nathan Woodruff (Holiday party planner this year), Nora Treat, and Irene Prince. Although Dr. Pat stepped down from the Board, she volunteered to be our Facebook administrator, and Vern Williams will continue to prepare and send the Spectrum hard copies via USPS for members who request it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SERVICE!


We are very excited to WELCOME the following new Board members: Stephanie Hickey, Schyler Lindekugel-Sullivan, Rosie Newell and Bryan Seck.  We truly are excited to have them, and look forward to including their voices in Board operations, furthering our mission to support, educate and advocate for the LGBTQ community.


Did you notice the “Q” as in LGBTQ? The PFLAG Federation has updated the acronym, so our chapter will follow and update our referents in kind.


National events and community conversations

The SCOTUS ruling on June 26 (Obergefell v. Hodges) ruling that the Constitution requires equal treatment under the law and allows for the marriage of consenting adults of both same and different sexes/genders serves to ignite conversation beyond the constitution of marriage. It also acknowledged that children do not need to have both a father and a mother to be part of an American family. (For an extended discussion on this topic, see Minor, R.   As LGBTQ individuals experience the newfound protections, benefits and responsibilities afforded by marriage, people are talking increasingly about gender expansiveness, gender “roles” and practical issues such as legal identity documents (passports, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and records, birth certificates, and more).


It is with this in mind that our Board is having conversations about the direction we may take in our presentations provided at our monthly